1. Connecting with young minds


The following ministries are already established or they are under development and they will be available in the near future.

—Fellowship - Meetings for Fellowship, Prayer, Teaching, Worship, Celebrations.

—Conferences & Seminars – Conferences and seminars for various events such as leadership, women conferences, etc.

—Marriage and Family - Seminars for courtship, godly marriage, raising children, balancing work and home, family finances, education, preparing for retirement, etc.

—Health Living- Physical exams, affordable health insurances, food and exercises, affordable clinics and Doctors, weight watchers, etc.

—Biblical Counseling- Couples, youths, divorcees, depression, suicide, anxiety, pre-marital counseling, HIV/AIDS, choosing a life partner, marriages, etc.

—Children and Youth - Culture and traditions, raising godly youths, choosing a life partner, parent-child relationships, self-control, etc.

—Evangelism - Campus ministry, street evangelism, crusades, etc.

—Sports & Games- Basketball, soccer, volley ball, table tennis, cricket, football, tennis, indoor & outdoor games, etc.

—Sunday School - Adult, Youth, Children classes.

—Philanthropic Ministry - To help those who are in need and are homeless.

Translations - Interpretation and translation of different languages, e.g. French, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Zulu, Swahili, Spanish, Shona, Haitian, etc.

Connecting witht he community

community service